Noodle Soups

choices of thin rice noodle // rice vermicelli // wide rice noodle // egg noodle // mung bean noodle

Bah Mhi Hang Moo Dang


egg noodle BBQ pork bok choy bean sprout scallion in ginger garlic sweet soy sauce

Jeh Lek Noodle

vegetable or tofu 11.50 //chicken or pork or beef 12.50// shrimp 13.50

light brown broth spices stew pork ribs chicken ball Chinese broccoli bean sprout scallion and fried garlic

Khao Soi (choice of chicken or beef or tofu)


egg noodle in mild northern thai curry noodle soup with pickle mustard green, shallot, scallion and topped with crispy noodle.

Namm Sai

vegetable or tofu 10.50 // chicken or pork or beef 11.50 // shrimp 12.50

bok choy bean sprout scallion fried garlic preserved radish and crispy wonton sheet in chicken broth

Sukho Thai (soup or dry)


ground pork chicken ball Thai BBQ pork boiled egg bean sprout green bean preserved radish fried garlic peanut scallion Sukho Thai sauce and wonton crisp

Veggies Bowl


mixed vegetable, scallion, preserved radish and garlic oil.